SEXTOY Thụy Điển LELO Billy MS-002


GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 4.000.000 vnd

Mã sản phẩm : BILLY
Tình trạng : Còn hàng 
Kích thước : 174 x 35 x 29 mm, 92 grams
Màu sắc : như hình
Xuất xứ : Thụy Điển
Chức năng : Sản phẩm sextoy kích thích tuyến tiền liệt cho nam giới.

BILLY là một dụng cụ kích thích tuyến tiền liệt cho quý ông, với thiết kế hoàn hảo, phù hợp với cấu tạo cảu cơ thể, rất lý tưởng để khám phá một cảm giác kích thích mạnh mẽ hơn và hiệu quả hơn cho tuyến tiền liệt.

Sản phẩm cung cấp 5 chế độ kích thích khác nhau, rung động mạnh, độ ồn thấp, chuyển đổi tần số dễ dàng và êm ắng với giao diện nút điều khiển trực quan, nhạy.

Sản phẩm dùng cá nhân hoặc có thể dùng với một người tình lâu năm.

Sản phẩm dùng pin sạc liên tục trong 2h, sử dụng liên tục trong 4h, thời gian chờ lên đến 90 ngày, độ ồn dưới 50dB.


Được đóng gói sang trọng bao gồm một hộp đựng, một túi đựng, một bộ sạc pin, một sách hướng dẫn, một catalogue.


The Billy is a rechargeable vibrator constructed from ABS plastic and medical grade silicone. It has an insertable length of 10cm and a maximum diameter of 2.8cm. The Billy Vibrator has the standard up-down, plus-minus control found on most Lelo vibrators and is charged via hole in the base which is sealed by a soft plastic plug when in use.

Anyone who has used a Liv vibrator will immediately recognise this configuration and size – the two devices are identical except for a broad band of silicone at the base of the insertable section that is obviously deigned to stop the user pushing it in too far. This “safety ring” replaces the chrome band on the Liv.

You charge the Billy whenever the ring around the quadrant control glows red. If you are transporting the toy and there is therefore a danger that the toy might be turned on, perhaps in your luggage, you can hold down the quadrant for five seconds to lock the control. You turn on by pressing the plus side of the quadrant and off by holding down the quadrant’s minus. The up and down arrows allow you to select your preferred mode, steady pulsing or escalating.

The Billy offers five intensities of vibration in five different modes. One steady, three pulsing and one escalating.

Lelo don’t recommend you use silicone lubricants in case they damage the silicone part of the toy. I used a water based gel lubricant that I find great for anal. It’s a little thicker than normal water based lubes and adheres to toys more, perfect for this type of sex toy.

I usually find insertion of anal sex toys while lying on my back easiest and the Lelo Billy was no exception.  Gently pressing it against my anus and using it to work lube inside I was able to slide its full length inside in a few minutes with no discomfort and felt a satisfying pressure on my P-Spot when the collar around the base came to rest against my anus.

I began to experiment with the intensity and modes of vibration, settling on a strong pulsing pattern. By straightening my legs and clenching and unclenching my buttocks I was able to control the pressure on my prostate and feel the urge to ejaculate before I was even fully erect.

Toying with yourself with an anal vibrator in your ass is a sort of decadent pleasure that all men should try. You may not enjoy it for a variety of reasons, sometimes because it is very intense. However the Billy vibrator should suit everyone, from beginners to intermediate anal toy users and I would recommend it if you want to try out anal stimulation on your own or with a partner.

By the time I was erect and my balls had pulled themselves tight I wanted to cum without using my hands or rubbing against anything, something that I’ve never managed to do. I squirmed around and experimented with different muscle movements to press my prostate but wasn’t quite able to make it happen. Not the end of the world and it illustrates how horny and stimulated this toy made me feel. So reluctantly I grasped my cock and stroked myself to orgasm.

Gentlemen if you have never experienced an orgasm whilst using an anal sex toy you will not understand the intensity of the sensation. Your muscles grip the toy and the toy presses on your prostate at the point of ejaculation that takes your breath away and leaves you shuddering.

Curious about anal stimulation with a male sex toy? You should try it and there’s no better way to start than the Lelo Billy.

GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 4.000.000 vnd


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