GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 4.039.000 vnd

Mã sản phẩm : ELISE 2
Tình trạng : Còn hàng 
Kích thước : 174 x 35 x 29 mm, 92 grams
Màu sắc : hồng đỏ
Xuất xứ : Thụy Điển
Chức năng : Sextoy Lelo Thụy Điển cao cấp cho nữ, rung kích dục với 5 tần số khác nhau, mỗi tần số có nhiều cường độ. Giao diện trực quan dễ sử dụng, có 4 nút, 2 nút thay đổi tần số, 2 nút tăng giảm cường độ, các nút này có thể bấm cùng một lúc hoặc để khóa an toàn khi vận chuyển.

Thời gian sạc pin cho dụng cụ liên tục trong  2h, thời gian sử dụng liên tục 4h, thời gian chờ lên đến 90 ngày, độ ồn thấp dưới 50dB.

Sản phẩm đóng gói đẹp, sang trọng, có theo kèm một túi đựng satin, thiết bị sạc pin, 2 sách hướng dẫn sử dụng.

After taking the advice of their many consumers, LELO has recently re-released three of their best-selling products with some pretty major advancements. The Ina 2, Mona 2, and Elise 2 all feature a lengthened design for deeper stimulation, more vibration options, and 100% more power than they had before.

Being such a huge fan of the LELO Ina, my initial reaction to the news that my absolute favorite rabbit-style vibrator had been re-worked to be bigger and deliver more intense vibrations than before intrigued me completely, and yes, it took but a few seconds to think about reviewing it here. However, because I have already reviewed the LELO Ina in the past, I was hesitant to write another that would likely be nearly identical to my last. A side-by-side comparison of the two could be interesting, especially for those who have (and love) the Ina who may be wondering if purchasing the newest model is really worth the money; but again, I knew that it would likely result in a lot of reiterating. For those reasons, of the three newest releases from LELO, I chose to review the Elise 2. Honestly, I was wondering how LELO did boring–as the Elise 2 is simply a classic full-bodied vibrator.

Like most other LELO products, the Elise 2 is made of body-safe, phthalates-free silicone with a silky-smooth matte finish. I received it in black (it is also available in pink and plum), and it has a wide metal accent ring (made of ABS plastic) at the bottom of the insertable portion of the vibrator, right above the control pad. Also like other LELO products, it arrived packaged in a branded black gift box that includes a black satin pouch for storage, user manual.

GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 4.039.000 vnd


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