GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 3.690.000 vnd

Mã sản phẩm : GIGI

Tình trạng : Còn hàng 
Kích thước : 165 x 35 x 33 mm, 92 grams
Màu sắc : như hình
Xuất xứ : Thụy Điển
Chức năng : Sextoy cao cấp cho nữ, tiêu chuẩn Châu Âu.
Dụng cụ kích thích điểm G bán chạy nhất của LELO, sản phẩm kích dục tập trung kích thích một số điểm nhạy cảm nhất bên trong âm đạo, làm cho nàng dễ dàng trải nghiệm và đạt đỉnh tình dục.

Chất liệu an toàn với chứng nhận của FDA Hoa Kỳ, lỗi ABS, bên ngoài phut silicon.

Sản phẩm có 5 tần số kích thích khác nhau, giao 
diện trực quan dễ sử dụng, có 4 nút, 2 nút thay đổi tần số, 2 nút tăng giảm cường độ, các nút này có thể bấm cùng một lúc hoặc để khóa an toàn khi vận chuyển.

Thời gian sạc pin cho dụng cụ liên tục trong  2h, thời gian sử dụng liên tục 4h, thời gian chờ lên đến 90 ngày, độ ồn thấp dưới 50dB.

Sản phẩm đóng gói đẹp, sang trọng, có theo kèm một túi đựng satin, thiết bị sạc pin, 1 sách hướng dẫn sử dụng, 1 catalogue sản phẩm, 

I decided to have Gigi all to myself and the perfect evening presented itself on Friday when Alex went for a few drinks with the guys from work to celebrate someone’s birthday. He left after dinner which we took early and I went upstairs to shower and prepare for my evening of self indulgence.

Fresh, clean and horny I entered the bedroom and turned on the beside lamp so I could see the Lelo Gigi vibrator nestled between my panties in my bedside drawer. In preparation I had charged her before going to work and she was now ready to pleasure her mistress. ;)

I placed her on the bedside drawers and made my way over to the DVD’s stacked at the side of the television. Selecting the first one I laid my hands on I placed it in the drive and made my way to the bed. My heart was racing, I was excited at the prospect of secretly pleasuring myself.

It’s something that I don’t indulge in very often, there is no need Alex loves to watch me masturbate. This was a bit of a treat, something different and I knew it was going to be good. ;)

With a press of the control the DVD started to play, it was The Estate Agent from Film Erotica. I slipped between the covers, it wasn’t cold because the heating had been on for a couple of hours. The temperatures over here have taken a dive recently.

The warmth of the room allowed me to lay totally naked on the bed. With eager anticipation I reached over for the Gigi and pressed the dial once, then twice more, taking her to the fastest setting of the continual setting.

The young blonde and her male counterpart were now undressing and she was laying on top of her desk, naked except for her boots. Oooh! It felt good just running the flat g-spot tip along my slit. No need for lube I was more than ready, been looking forward to this all day at work.

The perfect shape, the soft silcone and the intense vibrations made for a wonderful combination to stimulate myself. I ran the head around my opening and back up my slit, repeating this movement several times.

Now relaxed I was ready for some action. I pushed the Gigi up inside my tight, wet hole. The intense vibrations ricocheting around my pelvic girdle made me squirm. I tried to angle the vibe up inside towards my g-spot but I just didn’t seem to be able to locate the spot.

I let go the Gigi to scratch an itch on my leg…and WOW! Letting go of the handle had increased the intensity of the vibrations even more, my hand must have been absorbing some of the power.

Hands free was working fine, because of the ergonomic curve and the Lelo Gigi vibrator’s compact size I was able to control the vibrator using my pc muscles. It felt fantastic, with every tightening of my internal muscle the tip of the vibe massaged my g-spot, I was exercising and bringing myself off all in one. ;)

Eat your heart out Kegel!

The blonde was now being fucked good and hard by the rather muscular and well endowed client of hers. I had the feeling that we may be coming together very soon. My hands now free I decided to add a little clit play in to the mix as I moved the vibe around inside myself with a steady rhythm.

It was swollen, engorged with my blood and hypersensitive to my touch. I tried waggling it from side to side first but it didn’t do the trick so I reverted to rolling it firmly but gently under my middle right finger.

And bloody hell that was heavenly. I’m moving the vibe around and massaging my clit and BANG! That orgasm hit me so quick and hard I didn’t have chance to prepare for its arrival. It plain took my breath away and when at last I breathed in a gasp of air I let loose the most almightly moan as I spasmed my shoulder raising from the matress.

Spent and extremely sated I collapsed back on the bed. I could hear the vibe still running between my legs in the distance but for the moment I was floating on a cloud somewhere in ecstacy…

GIÁ KHUYẾN MÃI 3.690.000 vnd


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